GUEST COLUMN: Rather than travel, try a staycation

The author cites Prospect Hill Inn and Restaurant as an alternative destination for locals concerned about traveling out of the area during the coronavirus pandemic.

Louisa County is our hometown, nestled between Charlottesville, Richmond and Fredericksburg. From farmland to lakefront property, our county is beautiful and filled with family fun waiting to be discovered. During a time when you may not want to hit the road and travel for a family vacation, consider the possibilities locally. Sure, you have had lake days, or days where you have shopped the Louisa strip, but have you had a whole weekend of it or even a week?

Need some ideas? Let’s start with Small Country Campground, located on the western side of the county. This is a local getaway that does not disappoint. Do you want to stay in a unique historical home or cabin, or go all-out and tent camp? They have all those options. There’s a private lake, mini golf, hiking trails and more. Hungry? Enjoy family meals at your campsite or slip away to town—only an 11-minute drive away—and try a restaurant you haven’t before, like Obrigados for Mediterranean cuisine or AnnieMac’s Kitchen, which I highly recommend. Then stop at Frosties Rail Stop for dessert, or have s’mores back at the campfire.

Been cooped up and want a couple’s retreat? Well, Louisa has that too. Stay at Prospect Hill Inn and Restaurant. They advertise as a Charlottesville bed and breakfast, but don’t let that confuse you, for this is a Louisa County gem located on Poindexter Road. Stay in luxury and soak up history, while enjoying fine dining. Not sure how to plan your stay here? Don’t worry. They offer several packages such as those for wine lovers and romance, and gentlemen, they even have a proposal evening package! Impress your significant other with a well-planned getaway, even if it is just for a weekend.

Let’s not forget the many options at Lake Anna, our local 13,000-acre lake. Stay at Christopher Run Campground, visit Lake Anna State Park or rent a lake house. Everyone uses sites like Airbnb or VRBO to search for their next beach trip, but have you ever thought to type in Lake Anna, Va? There are plenty of lakefront homes to enjoy a stay in. Imagine watching a sunset while sitting around a fire pit at the lake’s edge. Over the past few years there has been a lot of growth around the lake, with many dining options, breweries and activities for all ages.

Why fret planning an elaborate vacation, when you could keep it simple and stay local? Your family can make just as many memories right here in your hometown as they could traveling to an overpopulated destination that you go to year after year. I only mentioned a few ideas here, but trust me, there are many more places to stay and things to do. Businesses in our county are making an effort to continue to host fun events while maintaining social distance and keeping your safety a priority. I encourage you to look at your surroundings a little differently, not just this year but in the future. Have a staycation in your hometown.

Amanda Ferrell lives in Louisa County.



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