Letter to the editor: Don’t let down your guard as virus lurks

To the editor:

Finally, [on May 8] Louisa had a nearby testing facility for Covid-19. Naturally, according to the “rules,” you had to be sick first in order to get in line to be tested. Virginia is in 48th place in this country in getting citizens tested and up to this week, Louisa was ignored.

We have 56 confirmed cases at last count with 9 hospitalizations. Given the requirements for testing and the lack of easily accessed testing in Louisa, those numbers are probably way low. So now we are beginning to re-open the state. What does this mean to us as citizens?

One, you will still need to be sick to get tested. So if you are one of the asymptomatic carriers, you can happily doff your mask and be contagious anywhere you go. If you never wore a mask, you’ve already done plenty.  

Two, confirmed cases and deaths are continuing to increase in Virginia, not decrease, and more testing will just confirm that we are still facing a serious safety threat. Louisa will not be spared.

Three, according to health experts (not politicians) we will have a second wave with potentially even more deaths than we’ve seen so far.

So, citizens of Louisa, please continue your physical distancing, wear masks in public places (grocery stores particularly) and avoid contact with the vulnerable groups. Surprisingly, the largest infection group is age 49-59. Look this up yourselves on the Virginia Department of Health website.

Let’s keep on protecting each other. This is far from over.

Larry Zemke 


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