Milk challenge underway

Melinda McCall and Violet the cow visit Louisa County Resource Council last week to supervise a delivery of milk donations.


Last year, the youth group at Louisa Presybterian Church started the church-to-church 10-gallon milk challenge as a way to make sure children get the nutrients they need during the summer. This year, they’re challenging other organizations to step up, too. 

Milk donations go to the Louisa County Resource Council for distribution to local families who are in need. 

“Milk is a very healthy alternative to sodas, and when kids are out of school, they don’t have as much access to dairy products, so that’s our goal: to help farmers and help the community,” said Melinda McCall, founder of the milk challenge program. 

So far this year, the youth of Louisa Presbyterian Church have donated 75 gallons of whole milk. They have challenged Mineral United Methodist Church and the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office to match or exceed their donations. In total, they are hoping to donate more than 1,000 gallons. 

In 2019, the resource council received 658 gallons in milk donations from at least six local churches and numerous individual donors.  Mineral United Methodist Church provided the largest share of donations. 

Normally, the milk donation challenge is held in June in honor of Dairy Month. However, COVID-19 set the challenge back a month. 

If your organization would like to participate, contact McCall at 540-894-6321.

Milk Challenge!

How to participate

1) Accept the challenge invite from a participating organization; pick one person in your group to collect milk money. One gallon of whole milk is currently about $2.79. 

2) Once your money is collected, call the store you want to purchase milk from and place your order. Keep in mind, milk orders usually take about four days to come in. 

3) Contact Lloyd Runnett or Cathy Portner at the Louisa County Resource Council and organize a time to drop off the milk. 

4) Have one person from your group snap a photo of your donation and send it to David Holtzman, editor of The Central Virginian, at When you send the photo, include the name of the church or organization your group has challenged!


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