Schools to switch to fully remote learning

Louisa County Public Schools will transition on Thursday, Jan. 14 to fully remote learning, Superintendent Doug Straley announced.

"We have a large number of staff members right now who are quarantined due to being close contacts to COVID-19-positive individuals who aren’t connected to LCPS," he said in a message on the schools' website.

"Because of the high amount of staff members who are quarantined, we do not have enough substitutes or staff to adequately fill vacancies, provide instruction, and maintain our health and safety strategies."

Students will study at home five days a week at least through Jan. 29. The schools unveiled a plan in December to provide transportation to students if needed for them to access the internet for school assignments. But for the first few days of remote learning, students will have work on their computers that they can do offline.

Since August, about two-thirds of the roughly 5,000 students have gone to school two days a week and studied at home on the remaining days. The move to fully remote learning won't have much of an impact for students whose families chose virtual classes before the school year began.

The schools will also change the way they provide meals while students study at home. Beginning on Jan. 13, meals will be available for pickup at each of the six schools on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 11 a.m. Meals for four days will be available on Wednesdays, and for three days on Fridays. The food is free for all children aged 2 to 18. The schools will also survey families to identify those who need meals delivered.

Details are available on the schools' website at


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