Sheriff warns against violating order on gatherings

Sheriff Donald Lowe at a recent Louisa Crimesolvers meeting.

Sheriff Donald Lowe warned this afternoon in a statement that restaurants could be forced to close if they do not obey the governor's order to limit the number of patrons at any given time to 10 or fewer.

"The Governor and State Health Commissioner issued an order declaring a public health emergency resulting from the spread of COVID-19 virus affecting the health and safety of Virginians," he said. "The order states that restrictions to the number of patrons allowed in a permitted restaurant to 10 or less, in order to inhibit the spread of the virus. Observations of 10 or more patrons in a restaurant, fitness center or theater may result in immediate operation permit suspension with the possibility of misdemeanor charges.
"The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office knows and understands that this action will bring additional hardships in our community and to our wonderful businesses, but it is for the safety of our citizens and the general public. We do ask for calm and understanding as we work to keep our community safe.
“This is for the protection of everyone in Louisa County, and everyone should do their part to help keep our community safe. We all need to use common sense when it comes to this virus and social distancing.
"The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office will be verifying compliance with this order by citizen calls for service and random checks of the restaurants and businesses in our county. Violation of an emergency order is punishable as a misdemeanor pursuant of the Code of Virginia.

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