This year was the third anniversary of the Happy Tail Wine Trail 5K fundraiser hosted by the Louisa Humane Society. Despite the soggy conditions, about 58 people showed up at Fifty-Third Winery for the event on Aug. 29. 

Rain wasn’t the biggest challenge to overcome for the event’s planners: They had a pandemic to plan around, too. 

One hundred people registered to participate in this year’s event, 20 of whom opted to participate virtually. 

“We have folks who are participating from home,” said Janelle Goldean, race director and a humane society board member. “That way, if they can’t travel or they’re worried about the virus right now, they can still participate.” 

Those who opted to participate in person were encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing. Runners were divided into groups and started in “waves” about five minutes apart to give them distance. 

Goldean said they were able to overcome the pandemic’s challenges with the cooperation of the community. 

“It’s 2020,” Goldean said. “We roll with it.” 

Money raised from the event will help the humane society continue its mission to help homeless animals and save them from euthanasia. Two dogs, Leroy and KC, were at the event and up for adoption. The society has received an application for KC’s adoption, while Leroy is still available. 


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