Deferred disposition for man charged with theft while wearing watermelon on head

Justin Rogers was nine days short of his 21st birthday when he walked into the Louisa Sheetz on May 6 with a hollowed-out watermelon on his head, with holes cut out for his eyes, and stole a bottle of wine.

The Bumpass man hid the bottle in his shirt and took it into the women’s bathroom. The empty bottle was later retrieved from a trash can. Rogers was arrested on his birthday and charged with wearing a mask to break the law, buying alcohol for a minor and petty larceny.

In Louisa General District Court on Oct. 5, the county commonwealth’s attorney’s office dropped the mask charge, a felony, as part of a deferred disposition agreement. The agreement stipulates that Rogers is guilty of the two other charges, and he agreed to take alcohol safety classes and avoid further trouble for one year. If he succeeds, prosecutors will withdraw the two remaining charges.



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