Deputy fired for sharing "racist" social media post

Louisa County Sheriff Donald Lowe

A Louisa County Sheriff's Office deputy was fired from her job for sharing a social media post that had "racist overtones."

That was how sheriff's office Det. Chuck Love characterized the post, which had the words "If they have the right to fly theirs" in front of a rainbow flag, directly above a Confederate flag bearing the words "We deserve the right to fly ours."  

"[Sheriff Donald Lowe] was made aware of it, it was investigated and that's when it was determined she would be let go," Love said.  

He said the deputy was interviewed about the situation and given a chance to respond.  

"[We] always confirm the validity of it," Love said. "They want to make sure this was actually the person who [shared the social media post], that it wasn't done by somebody who hacked into their account."

Lowe has maintained a requirement that staff undergo cultural diversity training, first instituted by former Sheriff Ashland Fortune.

"So it was kind of very unusual to see something [like this]," Love said.

"On or off the clock, a deputy has to have conduct that is not disruptive to the sheriff's office or shed a bad light on it. That is in our general policies," he said. "Everybody [who works here] has to read them. In reality, when you are in uniform, you are not supposed to be political. You're a law enforcement officer first, just like in the military." 

Lowe, who took office in January, is reviewing all policies, including the one governing use of social media.


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