To the Editor:

I’m writing in support of Louisa declaring itself a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

As you are aware, our ancestors experienced gun confiscation. Their doors were kicked in and their guns and gunpowder taken. This was the result of an out-of-control, tyrannical government fearful of revolt.

Our local men stood up against this enslavement and abuse when they had reached a point at which they couldn’t take it any longer. By standing up against it they signed death warrants for themselves and their families. They put at risk all they had ever cared about and worked hard for. Why?

The answer is because they wanted to live as free men, not under a tyrannical government. They put everything at risk and fought for freedom for themselves, their families, and their descendants, many of whom live with us as neighbors. They fought and many died for our freedom. Local men such as Patrick Henry stood and declared they would live free or die fighting for it. 

 Jack Jouett risked his life to save men such as Thomas Jefferson from certain capture. These men from here and many others fought a tough war to win freedom.  

After winning, they all worked hard to form a government that the people could trust and that would empower its citizens to maintain their newly won freedom. They knew that the only way to prevent a future tyranny from ruling again was to prevent such a government from having the authority to disarm its citizens. They enshrined this responsibility of the citizens in our Second Amendment. When they did this, door-to-door gun confiscation was still fresh on their minds, as well as the means to overcome it. 

The Louisa County Board of Supervisors can’t sit on the fence on this matter. You’re either all in or all out on our Constitution. 

We wouldn’t be discussing this matter if we had the first governor of Virginia back—Patrick Henry. 

Bruce Martin