To the Editor:

Dan Braswell’s childhood as a “military brat” took him to live in eight different states in the U.S. before he graduated high school. He then joined the military and did not have any place that he considered his hometown, that is, until late in his 35-year career as a Navy Officer when he was assigned to Marine Corps University at Quantico and discovered Louisa County and Lake Anna. Dan eventually purchased a lot and built his “retirement” home. 

After a few years as a retiree and doing consulting work which often required that he travel, Dan Braswell saw an opportunity to work in Louisa County and apply his skills and talent to the benefit of local taxpayers. Dan researched the opportunity and interviewed others who hold the commissioner of the revenue position in Virginia.  He realized his advanced education already qualified him for maximum points in the education category for eventual qualification as a Master Commissioner and this convinced him he was a great fit for the role.  

Dan Braswell’s record of excellence in tough high-level and dangerous assignments, academic achievement (Naval Academy graduate plus two master’s degrees), and years of work experience leading and managing a variety of organizations, some with hundreds of people and huge budgets are a perfect fit for commissioner of the revenue. He’s proven he knows how to get the most out of any team and that he’s dedicated to service to others above self through his participation in multiple volunteer service organizations.  

Please join me on November 5th in voting to make Dan Braswell our next commissioner of the revenue for the benefit of all citizens of Louisa County.

Bob Arment