To the Editor:

July, we hear, was the hottest month on record. We in central Virginia were spared the worst, but as records for heat worldwide continue to be broken, we are not likely to be spared in the long run.  We need action to address the causes and adaptations to this threat. But causes and adaptations, just like the effects, are global. We couldn’t, for instance, put a dome over Louisa County and expect to keep out the changes. What can we do locally, to help correct the problem?

I believe that we should elect those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work on the problem, rather than try to ignore it. Time is short, so we need to start now. (We needed to start yesterday, maybe, but late is better than never.) State and local elections are coming up this November, and we can put in place those who pledge to work on this problem. The work will take cooperation and determination. 

Juanita Jo Matkins will do more to enable our future than the incumbent in the House of Delegates.  John McGuire’s web site lists nine issues that are important to him, but I could find not a single word about this most pressing issue of our time.  Yet if we can’t solve climate change, we will not have the opportunity to solve anything else. 

Juanita Jo’s background in science education gives her the understanding that while the problem is global, the solutions involve local actions all around the globe.  That is why she wants clean energy and broadband access for us, grants and tax credits for local home energy improvements and an emphasis on science education in the schools.   

Her outlook on local efforts for solutions to big problems is why I will vote for her this November.

Sara Elder