To the Editor:

Many points are made on the CV’s editorial page, usually focused but sometimes with little evidence to support them. Occasionally, there appears what seems to be a personal attack. What comes to mind is the Jan. 2 letter by Jon Taylor and the response two weeks later by Dan Braswell.

Taylor may be insulting, as Braswell said; however, President Trump and Republican senators are especially insulting and dangerous with their treatment of the public. Consider when Trump mocked a handicapped reporter during his 2016 campaign—quite a role model for the GOP and its supporters.

Closer to home is Dave Brat, who formerly misrepresented the 7th District, and who insulted everyone at his Blackstone “town hall” in 2018 who had legitimate questions. State Senator Bryce Reeves was unable to campaign in 2019 without being abusively insulting.

Amid attacks and distractions, First Amendment rights of free speech and the free press are most adversarial to Republicans. Trump constantly berates news outlets and anyone else who contradicts him by using “alternate” facts. That arrogance and belligerence filters down to the likes of Brat, Reeves, and Del. John McGuire, who actively discouraged and unconstitutionally stifled honest and public discourse while in office. Not a single Republican has recently defended our First Amendment rights.

Braswell unsuccessfully campaigned for commissioner of the revenue, a public and elected position. With his current behavior, I suspect that he would be comfortable with bullying and intimidation tactics had he been elected.

A republic is a form of democracy, which can be verified by looking up the definition or taking an introductory course in political science. The biggest problem with the Republican misinterpretation of those concepts is their belief that it gives them the freedom to do what they want: ignore and abuse the electorate.

The Constitution never intended to support GOP suppression of other views. Introductory courses in American history and political science can also verify that the Founding Fathers put checks on the branches of government, not the two-party system, which devolved into a mechanism for polarization.

I think that Braswell is very confused welcoming bipartisanship in one breath, then claiming that people lose because of it. Bipartisan establishment of government organizations like EPA, which protects the public from toxic environmental pollution may be “burdensome” to polluters, but I want my taxes protecting my life, not profits. Republicans consistently remove operational funding from programs, then claim those programs are inefficient and withhold more funding.

Taylor made statements about the board that Braswell objected to, but it would be interesting to see what kind of evidence each could offer.

The Green Springs wells, the Shannon Hill megasite, and the water pipeline project continue to generate significant objections from citizens. The response from the supervisors was: “If you don’t like the decisions we make for you, then you can vote us out.”

Arrogance!! Not representation. There are many of us in Louisa County who have been subjected to the exploitation of the board.

Maybe Taylor was referring to a lot of fragile Republican egos when he mentioned whining.

Stacy Briley

Zion Crossroads

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