To the Editor:

My family and I attended the second half of the Dec. 2 board of supervisors meeting where the Second Amendment sanctuary resolution was being discussed. I was heartened to hear (I couldn’t really see as I was at the back of the room) the civilized, respectful discussion that was occurring regarding the resolution. 

No matter which side of the issue was being discussed, I never heard any ad hominem attacks, interruptions, arguing or any other disrespectful behavior. 

In light of stories I’ve read recently of other gatherings where hot button issues were debated, I was particularly proud of us as a county. It really boosted my morale regarding this, that we as citizens could discuss it calmly and rationally. My family and I had to leave before it was over (kids to get to bed, etc.), so I don’t know what happened after we left, but I hope the discussion continued in the same vein in which I believe it started. Great job, Louisa!

Laura Larkin


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