To the Editor:

I noted with great interest Dan Braswell’s letter in your Jan. 16 issue. Braswell spent several paragraphs taking Jon Taylor to task for issuing in a previous letter, in Braswell’s words, “distortions and flimsy accusations” while “offering nary a shred of evidence.” We can wonder about the meaning of that last word, “evidence,” as used by partisans on the Right, when mountains of evidence against President Pinocchio pile up in great drifts but are dismissed by them as “fake news” and the latest fact-free conspiracy about the Left is gleefully embraced.

Braswell went on to castigate Republicans and conservatives to “play hardball” against and call out those who “choose to sow hate and discontent as a method to gain power over our lives.”  We are led to believe that honest and civil discourse will follow from taking their hardball tactics to a new level. The mind reels at the prospective new lows possible in our public discourse when infanticide, sharia law, and massive voter fraud become too tame to be used as attacks against the Left.

Braswell wants “robust political debate.” In consideration of the current fevered blather over the Second Amendment, I would offer the public at large this hypothetical case. Suppose two old, white men walk into a crowded theater showing the latest Hip-Hop movie. One carries an AR-15 or some other weapon of war. The other one shouts, “FIRE.” Before the machine gun-toting citizen can move, a young Straight Outta Compton fan pulls out a pistol and shoots the potential assailant.

I wish it were more absurd, but in this country today it seems all too plausible. Assuming all survive, who should be arrested, and for what?

Submitted in the interest of the public good,

Jim Wolf


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