To the Editor:

Fred Gruber touched on the impeachment folly of President Trump in his Sept. 26 letter to the editor. I would like to agree and explore this further.

 Since Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015 and announced his intention to run for president, he has been impeded by those intent on destroying him, his family and the entire campaign.   

Against all odds, Trump defeated 15 other Republican candidates to secure the nomination and promptly mounted a vigorous campaign that covered the entire nation. His energy was boundless and his infectious enthusiasm produced one of the biggest victories since Reagan and gave Trump the single greatest accomplishment of his entire life. 

This was done with no help from anyone, including the Republican Party or the Russians.  

Since the election Trump has undergone an onslaught of hate-filled accusations from the Democrats, news media, Hollywood and every late-night talk show in the nation in an all-out effort to justify the Mueller investigation. No one in Trump’s orbit is immune from the liberals. His young son, daughters, older sons and his brilliant wife Melania are no longer off-limits as was the case for previous Democrat presidents.   

From the “Mueller Report” we learned that the Democrats, with the help of Hillary Clinton, the Russians, our own FBI and even former British spies were part of this assault. No other president in recent history has been subjected to such scrutiny and false accusations for winning the election for president!  

We learned that after spending $35 million of precious taxpayer money, no collusion was found with the Russians. This hoax was perpetrated in hopes of proving presidential high crimes to justify impeachment. That failed!

 Now we learn that the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has agreed to launch an impeachment inquiry based on a phone call to the president of Ukraine simply asking him to look into the origins of the collusion investigation against him and his administration. 

I have seen the transcript of the entire call. There is nothing in that call that could be construed as impeachable! However, Pelosi has left out one important procedure. There must be a full vote in the House to initiate a formal investigation. That has not occurred, because she does not have the required 218 votes to make it official.

Congress recently left on another two-week vacation after throwing the impeachment bomb, looking for support to take down perhaps the most America-loving man ever elected to the office of President. America loves this man and American patriots are not going to stand by in 2020 and allow the Democrats to retain the House majority. President Trump will never be tried for “high crimes and misdemeanors” and will be re-elected in a landslide victory.

 If this is how an opponent and a nation handle losing a national election and are successful, then this nation is no longer one of rules, laws and constitutional government, but a nation of anarchy no better than your run-of-the mill “banana republic!”

Jerry Reynolds