To the Editor:

I always thought impeachment was a very serious event and should only take place when there was a consensus in the U.S. House of Representatives that it was for the public good. That has not happened.

Watching the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, celebrate sending articles of impeachment over to the Senate, even to the extent that she was smiling and handing out monogrammed souvenir pens used to sign some kind of charging document, was a little puzzling.

This is what we are spending tax dollars on? We owe $23 trillion! Why not focus on managing our funds? 

I don’t care if you like the president or not, but spending all your time for three years trying to impeach him and spending millions of tax dollars on it while ignoring everything else is not in our best interest!

Maybe there are some impeachable offenses out there somewhere, but they’re not in the two articles forwarded to the Senate on January 15th. The matter should be sent back to the House if the impeachment managers believe there are additional credible witnesses.

What has been done is completely partisan, not well done and completely outside the realm of any due process legal procedure commonly used in the United States.

What the heck are they thinking? I, for one, don’t want this kind of representation. I prefer that the citizens make the decision in November. If the president is re-elected, then the Democrats should come up with a good candidate and platform for the next election. This is what we do in our country.

I think people in foreign nations must be laughing at us. We are no better than their governments. The speaker is trying to use parliamentary maneuvers to thwart the will of the voters. She seems to be doing it because she wants a permanent impeachment mark on the president’s record. It’s almost like the class clown being admonished by his angry teacher! These people don’t like the decision of the voters so they are going to overturn it.  

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the president is signing a trade bill with China and trying to do what he promised when he ran for the office. A good percentage of the public would not know about it because most media outlets were mesmerized by the impeachment antics.  

And in Virginia, the governor, looking like a deer in the headlights, is trying to figure out why citizens object to restrictions on their gun ownership rights.

Wednesday was Attack the Constitution Day! It seems like all our representatives have little or no understanding of the average American citizen, or at least, half of the citizens.

Jim Hogan


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