To the Editor:

Last week, we read in a letter on this page that President Trump was a tyrant and deserved to be impeached. We were told that we who support the president, are members of his cult. The writer inferred that we don’t care about our country.

The writer claims that the president is obviously guilty of a host of crimes, and needs to be impeached and removed from office. The “we” reference is to citizens who voted for Trump in 2016.

We, in many cases, did not vote for President Obama and we fought his legislative and foreign policy agendas in the House, Senate and the courts.

Although events occurred during his administration such as the Benghazi debacle, Fast and Furious and giving Iran hundreds of millions of dollars, we raised our voices but did not use the impeachment weapon.

Although our Republican presidential candidates lost the 2008 and 2012 elections, we recognized Obama as the president. We didn’t approve of his policies, we fought him at every turn, but he was ours. President Trump is no more the tyrant than President Obama. Voters decided the results of the election of both men. Accept the results.

Within the same letter to the editor, the writer referred to “Second Amendment fever” with an implied reference to the Louisa board of supervisors’ vote approving “sanctuary Second Amendment” status.

Virginia voters elected a Democratic governor in 2017 and a Democratic legislature in 2019. The Republicans lost, as say the voters. The Democrats now control all of the state’s elected executive and major legislative offices. They can now pass laws, including gun legislation, that they believe are necessary to ensure our safety. If one disagrees with these actions, one can express oneself through their elected county officials, communication with their elected state representative or through court challenges.

A county has the right to indicate its displeasure by claiming its status as a “sanctuary” but must recognize and enforce the laws enacted by the state legislature. If the county’s declaration as a “sanctuary” county results in non-enforcement, it is as wrong as a city or county declaring sanctuary status against federal immigration enforcement policy. If we, the citizens and voters, do not support our laws, anarchy will be the result.

Attempting to remove President Trump through the act of impeachment is an act of anarchy! Failing to enforce duly approved laws as passed by Virginia or federal legislators is an act of anarchy! Understand that our laws are what protects each one of us, our county, state and country. One can choose to support or oppose a law legally but must observe the law.

Each of us is entitled to his or her opinion, but to have your opinion matter, you must vote. The choices we have at the ballot are in stark contrast with each other.

On Nov. 3, 2020, you will have a choice in voting for the offices of president, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Virginia voters have indicated their desire for Democratic candidates in the past few election cycles for national leaders. Are you satisfied with their stated policies, positions and votes?

On Nov. 2, 2021, Virginia voters will have the opportunity to vote for Virginia’s state leaders—governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Are you satisfied with their leadership?

Let democracy operate through the ballot box, not through impeachment or sanctuary counties. Vote!

Tom Worosz

Zion Crossroads