To the Editor:  

Fiber optic internet connectivity is the only real solution for rural internet access. 

I worked in the information technology field for 30-plus years as a systems engineer, including on the front lines of the Northrup Grumman contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia supporting more than 90 state directorates. I know what a future-proof, well-designed internet solution demands. 

Fiber optic internet connectivity will provide reliable high-speed internet capable of withstanding the exponential growth in data usage that is expected year over year. Tower-based line of sight broadband internet is technology that is already bordering on obsolete with speeds that may not be reliable in the years to come. 

The commitment demonstrated by Supervisor Toni Williams to bringing fiber optic internet service to the County of Louisa is forwardthinking and should be applauded. Since he has been on the board, 31 miles of fiber optic lines has been installed connecting all the public schools. The result provides all six schools with robust high-speed internet while enabling the ability for private household connections as well. 

Supervisor Williams is leading the charge in partnering with electric co-ops to bring fiber optic connectivity to individual homes. An agreement has already been put in place to bring fiber to 1,300 private residences. This progress is continuing with negotiations with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative to bring fiber to the residents of the Jackson District. 

Toni Williams’ commitment to finding reliable long-term high-speed internet solutions for his constituents has been unwavering and in turn has earned my unwavering support for his re-election. If a real solution to high-speed internet service is a concern for you, then Toni Williams should be your choice for Jackson District supervisor.