To the Editor:

On Aug. 29th my wife and I attended a meeting of the Louisa County Planning Commission concerning the proposed rezoning of the Lumsden property on Mansfield Road, near the intersection of Routes 522 and 208. We own property adjacent to the Lumsden property, so we were very concerned about what they were planning.  

I went into the meeting with a fairly open mind to see what the developers had to say. In about five minutes, I could plainly see that the fix was in. 

The developers were given unlimited time to go on ad nauseam about their plans for the property if it was rezoned from agricultural to commercial. They got all of this time despite the fact that what they were saying was merely fluff, what a used car salesman tells you about the junker he wants you to buy.  

Truth is, once they get the property rezoned they can do what they like with it and all their fluff means nothing.  Us taxpayers were limited to only a few minutes for our comments. I wonder why that was? Needless to say, the commission voted almost unanimously to approve the rezoning.

Truth is, we even overheard one of the commission members asking the developers how long they had to approve the rezoning before the backers of the project withdrew. Why is that a concern to members of the commission? They are looking out for the best interests of Louisa County taxpayers, aren’t they?

I am a retired Army officer and a Vietnam combat veteran. I moved to Louisa for the peace and quiet that I hoped to enjoy in my declining years. Obviously I was mistaken since I now face a new enemy—dishonest real estate developers who will say anything to make money without a care for the people who must live with the outcome from their deceit.  

I urge the Louisa County Board of Supervisors to refrain from falling for the fluff these people offer.  They do not vote here in Louisa, but we do!

William Cherry Jr.