To the Editor,

Thank you for your coverage of the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative board elections. As someone who receives my electricity from REC, I am concerned the current board treats me as if I don’t matter. I think we need a change.

REC board members do not publish meeting dates, agendas or minutes, and they overpay themselves. Each board member gives themselves $24,000 in base pay, and $500 a day for all meetings they attend, as well as days spent at conferences. Some make more than $40,000 a year, which is a lot for a part-time job at a nonprofit board. 

Because of the lack of transparency, we, the member-owners of REC, cannot know what the board is doing. We deserve to know more about how REC operates. After all, their pay comes from our wallets.

Additionally, we are under the impression REC has locked into a 45-year agreement with Dominion Energy to purchase electricity at above-market rates. We wonder how this benefits the member-owners. Our questions are not answered.

We would also like updates on REC’s efforts to bring broadband internet to the counties that they serve. Again, we cannot get timely information from our present board.

Fortunately, three reform candidates, Andrea Miller, Jack Manzari and Mike Biniek, are running to fix these problems. We, the member-owners of REC, can elect these candidates through the ballots we received in the July issue of “Cooperative Living” or by voting online through SmartHub. 

Let’s make our voices heard and vote for candidates that will work for us.

Brian Ancarrow