LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Appreciative of Lake Anna business

To the editor:

I think most everyone will agree that the past 18 months has been an extremely difficult time. What with the COVID outbreaks, masks, distancing, isolation, product shortages, etc., depression, anxiety and even despair have taken their toll. 

Surely we can all appreciate and therapeutically benefit from an unexpected, pleasant, uplifting experience. My own came recently from a local business, Lake Anna Golf Carts. 

I am seriously disabled by a spinal cord problem and depend heavily on my golf cart. Recently it just quit, i.e. overheated, smoked, melted wires, etc. I was devastated!

A sympathetic friend told me about this golf cart business. They came the same day I called them, picked up the cart and actually returned it 48 hours later, good as new. I live in Warrenton, which is a 108-mile round-trip for Ken Sadel, the proprietor. 

I was prepared to sell one of my children to pay for this unbelieveable service. Instead, the bill was far less than I thought reasonable. He even apologized, saying that most of the cost was related to the travel. Lake Anna Golf Carts made my day and my year and restored my faith in mankind.

David E. Couk, M.D.

retired orthopedic surgeon


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