LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bad votes on education bills

To the editor: 

Education is something Virginians really care about. Virginia Commonwealth University took a poll recently and found that 70 percent of Virginians think Virginia schools need more funding.

Louisa’s delegate in Richmond, however, consistently votes against issues the Virginia Education Association calls “crucial education bills.” In 2021, John McGuire voted against five of the six such bills in the House. Accordingly, the VEA gives our delegate a 17 percent score in supporting education.

The six bills included the following:

House Bill 1736 – School Nurse bill, McGuire voted against

House Bill 1904 – Cultural Competency, McGuire voted against

House Bill 2027 – Growth Assessment, McGuire voted for

House Bill 2176 – Abusive Work Environment, McGuire voted against

House Bill 2305 – Governor’s Schools, McGuire voted against

House Bill 1257 – Standards of Quality, McGuire voted against

On education, John McGuire earned a failing grade.

Jim Wolf


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