LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Board chairman is doing a great job

To the editor:

It is difficult to imagine anyone doing as outstanding a job of county supervisor as does Bob Babyok, the current chairman of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors. Reading his newsletters, one cannot help but imagine the time, tact and tirelessness of his efforts on behalf of not only those of us in Green Springs, but countywide.

He takes his responsibilities seriously, is responsive to his electorate’s concerns, and is proactive in addressing Louisa County issues. He may be the only serving member who has undertaken the county supervisor’s education curriculum and its supplemental forum. He seems to be everywhere, listening and providing updates to major concerns, such as attracting businesses, managing responsible growth, and ensuring community needs like internet accessibility and future water demand. Bob cares not only about roadside trash, but road usage, traffic management, and its infrastructure implications.

He isn’t doctrinaire in exercising his duties; he acts as an independent in his approach to his job. He welcomes ideas from all sources regardless of party labeling.

We should be thankful to have someone with his leadership, experience, and commitment to serve for another four years. I am glad to have a chance to vote for such a candidate as Bob Babyok, a proven manager in both the private sector and local government, an effective negotiator who gets results from even disparate interests, and is a retired military veteran who served his country as a U.S. Air Force colonel.

Philip H. Madell

Zion Crossroads

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