LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Candidates committed to ideals

To the editor,

Our neighbors running for Louisa County district supervisors as Republicans and endorsed by the Louisa County Republican Committee can be expected to serve their fellow citizens per the tenets of the Virginia Republican Creed. 

This creed, authored by Dr. Max Charles Graeber just a few decades ago, offers insight into what candidates running under the Republican banner believe and should be viewed as a contract between the candidates and the people they’ll serve. The tenets of the Virginia Republican Creed include affirmations of the belief in the free enterprise system; that all are entitled to equal rights, justice and opportunity; and that fiscal responsibility and restraint is an absolute must at all levels of government.  Additionally, the creed demands the federal government preserve individual liberty by adhering to the restraints placed on it by the U.S. Constitution, that peace is best achieved through strength, and that faith in God is the bedrock upon which our Founding Fathers anchored our great nation. 

In an age where politicians in general are looked on with suspicion and disdain, perhaps most rightly so, we should have more than campaign barbs upon which to base our vote. I believe candidates who have committed publicly to a set of demanding ideals upon which their prospective and actual public service may be judged should get our highest consideration when it comes time to cast our vote. 

Candidates in current local races who have committed to the high ideals of the Virginia Republican Creed include William Woody running for Patrick Henry District Supervisor, Rachel Jones running for Green Springs District Supervisor, and Duane Adams running for reelection as the Mineral District Supervisor. Many of us in Louisa County know them all personally. Through their demonstrated support of our county and public commitment to the Virginia Republican Creed, they’ve all earned my full support and endorsement. If you are also interested in the continued improvement of fiscal and political integrity in our county, I recommend you give them all a good look and your support. Even if they are not in your district, you can still support their campaigns and subsequently their commitment to the ideals that have made the United States of America exceptional and that will keep Louisa County the best place to live in Virginia.

Daniel E. Braswell


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