LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats have history of corruption

To the editor:

I take personal exception to Stacy Briley’s letter in the Dec. 24 edition that deems President Trump “Missing in Action.” How quickly she forgets the proven deceit and corruption of the Democratic Party prior to the president’s election, including Vice-President Joe Biden’s offering up the Logan Act to begin Trump’s takedown.

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, many have forgotten Rep. Maxine Waters’ foul-mouthed public cry to begin impeachment proceedings. Hillary Clinton spent four years on TV, in newspapers, on foreign tours and writing books claiming she was cheated out of the presidency. Please also recall that she was the one who told Biden to “never concede.”

There is now a Covid-19 vaccine available to the public. Just recall the myriad of Democrats who claimed it could never be done in less than several years and of course people like Sen. Kamala Harris, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Gavin Newsome and even candidate Biden, who stated they would never trust a vaccine developed by President Trump under Operation Warp Speed.  Look at all of them now, practically claiming they were behind the fast development of the vaccine all the way. Some even put their faces on television to show their support for something they publicly demonized. Now over 2 million people have received this vaccine.

Many citizens do want an orderly transition of power, but this election was laden with countless irregularities. It reeks of corruption, similar to the four years of Democratic attempts to undermine the president through the $50 million, useless Mueller investigation; the impeachment that went nowhere; and the current cover-up of Biden son Hunter’s influence peddling.

Who can forget President-Elect Biden’s assertions that his son never took a dollar of illegal money and has no financial interests in Communist China? How about his public statement that his son Hunter is the most intelligent person he has ever known? I guess Joe Biden has not looked at his son’s laptop yet.

The current coronavirus relief bill is laden with pork – regardless of which representative or senator was behind its endorsement – that should have been removed. It goes against what the American public needs today.

Without a doubt, Trump angered many with his ego trips, and insulting others, but how quickly we forget that we now have energy independence, a stronger military, border security, elimination of countless corporate tax burdens, three Arab countries at peace with Israel, and the strongest economy in recent history with the lowest unemployment figures for Blacks and Hispanics.

In closing, it is my belief that Stacy Briley needs to include media sources in her knowledge-gathering other than CNN, MSNBC and the fake news media.

Robert Ryan


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