LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t sit out this critical election

To the editor:

What’s not to like about fall? It is a season that welcomes cooler temperatures, football, and the changing of the leaves. In addition to Mother Nature’s changes, fall also allows us as a nation to vote for different leadership in our government.    

I, like many, am very concerned about the current leaders of the United States.   We have a president who rules by executive order and has proven disastrous at foreign policy. The president’s edicts are carried out via a network of governors (ours included), resulting in Virginia and other states losing much of our autonomy. If that is not enough, we have seen our local Democrat leaders turn a blind eye to the destruction of property and history and promote divisive groups and doctrine. It is time for change in all areas of our government. 

Another sign of fall are the many political banners in front of homes promoting candidates running in the 2021 election (specifically Glenn Youngkin, candidate for the office of governor.) I am encouraged at the number of Youngkin signs in our county. The count gives me a feeling of confidence hoping we may get a Republican governor to limit the federal government’s control in Virginia. But not so fast. Signs don’t vote, people do.   

For the 2021 election, “we the people” must let our voice be heard via our VOTE versus Facebook posts or banners.  Many citizens feel one little vote will not make a difference. Citizens don’t vote due to false optimism after counting the banners, listening to predictions, hearing the speeches, feeling the emotion, and listening to polls.   Citizens falsely assume family/friends will vote when often, they don’t. In the recent past, elections have been very close and now more than ever, your vote counts. We have too often awakened to the shocking reality of a loss when we felt the election was won. This happened in 2020 and will happen again if YOU don’t vote.       

As you see banners or hear people proclaim their support for a candidate, take note how many people are quiet.   Don’t assume you know what and who they support. There is an old saying, “Be leery of a dog that barks but be afraid of one who is silent.” We must encourage all to vote. We must share how local elections are critical. We must vote to slow and disrupt the chaotic confusion being demonstrated by the Democratic Party. 

I support the Republican ticket of candidates in the upcoming election and ask you to do so as well. We need to send a message to our president. We need to reclaim our identity as Virginians and not be pawns of the Democratic party. Vote for change. Vote Republican.    

God bless the United States of America. 

Bob Arment

Lake Anna

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