LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Give solar a chance

To the editor: 

Louisa is growing, and many people would like to see it grow even more. It seems I’m always hearing how we need more places to shop, more recreation and more housing. However all of that comes with a cost.

Almost all electrical power in the U.S. comes from fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and petroleum. Burning these substances releases chemicals into the atmosphere, including greenhouse gases that drive climate change, and toxic chemicals like mercury and arsenic.

And don’t even get me started on nuclear power.

I’ll also be the first to say that large-scale development of solar panel farms is certainly not perfect. But the sun is a renewable source of energy. Given man’s limited choices, the benefits of using solar power far outweigh its bad effects. Solar energy systems offer numerous environmental benefits compared to all other sources of energy.

I agree it’s not perfect, and yes, I was one of those tree-hugging hippies that protested the nuclear power plant way back when. But unfortunately I’ve grown to see that most people will not cut back on their luxuries, they like to turn up the heat, turn up the air and get the latest computer. Do you ever stop to wonder where all that power comes from?

People scream about solar farms, and yet have no problem tossing their microwave or cell phone in the landfill so they can get the newest model.

Don’t tell me how you turn off the bathroom light, while you’re running a TV in every room. 

Yes, solar power has drawbacks, but solar is still the cleanest energy source and is beneficial to the environment in more ways than one. If you want more progress and more development, then do the math. There will be a need for more energy of one kind or another. Better yet, we could all toss out the microwave, put down the cell phone, turn off the TV and go hug a tree!

Stella Davis


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