LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Good lesson on traffic stops

To the editor: 

Louisa County had a public event on May 15 that demonstrated how we, the public, should handle a situation if a law enforcement officer pulls us over. For an example, as a driver of a vehicle there are times when all of us may allow our speed to exceed the posted speed limit.

If a police officer witnesses our excessive speed (or other issue) and does his/her job; he/she will pull us over. Now we enter into a relationship with the officer. This relationship can be positive or negative, this is a choice we make.

The truth be known is that this event could cause us to be a little on edge, but it doesn’t need to be. The officer is doing his/her job. So, what is our role in the event? How do we handle the interaction with the officer? Each of us must decide our reactions and how we want to be treated by the officer. 

My response is to treat the officer with respect, keeping in mind he/she is doing his/her job. We witnessed at the event on May 15 how the officer spoke to the citizen, and the citizen was respectful to the officer. The situation resulted in mutual respect.

I am personally grateful for our law enforcement; they provide a great service to our community. We should work with them to make our community stronger and safer for all.

Louisa County is a great place to live, work and play. Working together we can make our county/community even better. Our actions may encourage others in making their community better and stronger.

In closing, I want thank all law enforcement officers for the work that they do to help make our county a safer place to live.

Bruce Stone


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