LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let's talk about the truth

To the editor:

Wow, wow, wow, thank you, Jon Taylor, silence is no longer golden, your truth [on the May 6 Opinion page] has stirred me to talk about my truth. There have been similarly themed letters to the editor that support your truths and I have held the line and my tongue and not responded to any of them. I am now compelled to speak my truth and what I believe is the truth for many others. I ask that you consider why there is now a great movement in our country aimed at fighting and righting multiple great wrongs.

The first truth has to be the misinformation spread about COVID-19. If you do any research at all you might discover that the lockdown was, and remains, totally unnecessary and that mask wearing, which Dr. Fauci himself is on record saying is dangerous to your health, was and is totally unnecessary. Then there is the push to have as many people as possible vaccinated with an experimental vaccine when, according to multiple physicians, there are prescription drugs, dispensed for decades, but banned at the beginning of the COVID outbreak, that can cure those diagnosed with COVID. Fear, pushed by mainstream media, is lining the pockets of those who predicted this very “pandemic.”

The next big truth is the attempt to steal the election and the fact that the rightful winner of the November 2020 election is not the man whom our Electoral College voted into office. He is, however, the pick of the mainstream media. The truth is, this is the greatly divided United States of America and this wrong will be righted. If the election was the fairest and most secure one this nation has ever held, why would the forensic auditing that is currently going on in Arizona be so vehemently opposed? Or for that matter, why would a forensic audit in any other state be opposed?

I could go on and on because there are other truths that deserve to be known but I just want to go on record as one who believes the wrongs will be righted. My closest friends know there will be a celebration when the time comes.

The truth for the Woke is not the truth for those who are awakening across this great Nation of ours. Like it or not, we are truly in a battle between good and evil. I for one have the faith of a mustard seed. I believe in truth and justice and in a blessed nation under God.

Jan Barchuk


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