LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mineral historic district is worth discovering

To the editor:

Thank you for the interesting special section Rediscover Mineral in the May 6 edition, which summarized the history of the town and the local mining industry from which it takes its name. I don’t know if many people realize that the entire 38 blocks, centered around the intersection of Mineral Avenue and First Street (the stop light), are classified as a “historic district” and listed in the National Park Service listing of historic places as registration number VDHR 261-0028 as approved in February 2005.

In case anyone wishes to look into the history of the town in a little more detail, the nomination package that was used to submit Mineral as a historic district is thorough and easily accessible online at the following website: https://www.dhr.virginia.gov/historic-registers/261-0028.  

The nomination package includes over 30 pages of descriptions of individual homes in the Mineral District that are outlined in detail regarding their location, origin, and genealogy. There is also a very interesting “statement of historical significance” and a complete bibliography of source documents. It is great reading for anyone intrigued by the history of our area. Or, visit the Sargeant Museum of Louisa County History and see our exhibits. 

Jim Marstall

Louisa County Historical Society board member



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