LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Need transparency in Green Springs

To the editor:

I support Rachel Jones for Green Springs District supervisor. Jones pledges open government. Unlike her opponent, incumbent Bob Babyok, Ms. Jones won’t hold neighborhood meetings to which only narrow audiences in certain subdivisions are invited, like the private meeting in Forest View. The rural residents have never been invited. 

Unlike Babyok, any newsletter or email list Jones uses as public communication media will in fact be open to the public. Many of us have never seen one of his newsletters and don’t know how to get them. But we are sure Spring Creek residents who support him get them. 

Unlike Babyok, Jones won’t privately lobby developers to serve their and his special interests, and to get amenities for his preferred shopping. And unlike Babyok, Jones will steer the board of supervisors away from secret dark-of-night decision-making that affects the well-being of thousands of local residents and the economy of the entire county. We remember the Shannon Hill fiasco, voted down 7-0 and then approved shortly thereafter. He is the chairman after all, and assumes more responsibility.

Ms. Jones studies issues from all perspectives, she listens to everyone, and I welcome her receptiveness to diverse viewpoints. A few people have trashed her for being endorsed by the Louisa Republican Committee, claiming she’s bringing party partisanship to the board of supervisors. That’s nonsense. Every member of the board leans to one or the other party, including Ms. Jones’ opponent. However, Jones acknowledges her party preference while Babyok deceptively pretends he has none.  We have seen him putting up the Spanberger signs all over Zion Crossroads. 

Regardless, party isn’t crucial at this local level, and in my view the current board has fallen short of citizens’ expectations irrespective of their assorted party leanings.  I support good government, open government, receptive and responsive government, which is why in 2007 I ran for the House of Delegates as the Democratic Party’s candidate. I still support good government, open government, receptive and responsive government, so this election I’ll be voting for Rachel Jones for Green Springs supervisor. 

Will Shaw


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