LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pleased with recent traffic stop event

To the editor: 

A recent Community Strong event highlighted members of the Virginia State Police and the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office conducting a mock traffic stop. Community Strong is a diverse group of citizens who meet to discuss community issues and to work to build a positive, strong relationship between citizens and law enforcement.

During the demonstration, citizens were able to witness the actions of the law enforcement officer during a routine traffic stop and were given clarifying explanations detailing the actions of the officer and the expectations of citizens. The mock traffic stop was informative and meant to spark discussion to further an understanding of the roles of each participant during a traffic stop. A wholesome discussion followed the demonstration.

Those in attendance were able to leave more informed than they came. Further opportunities were given for individuals to ask one-on-one questions of law enforcement officers and to share individual concerns.

Deborah Coles

Louisa branch, NAACP

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