LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shouldn’t question voting integrity

To the editor:

I am personally horrified by any political candidate who questions the integrity of Virginia elections and asks for an audit of our voting machines. These machines are audited shortly before every election. A member of the electoral board witnesses the audit and the tapes from the audit are kept and on record.  

I served as an election officer and electoral board member for a total of 20 years. Louisa County has the most professional, knowledgeable (certified by state and nation) registrar. Her staff and the electoral board members are above reproach. I would like to see any politician who questions a Virginia election to serve as an election officer one time to experience the following: thorough training, long hours of work, paltry pay, and the detailed records of results. Let’s demand all statements from any politician be backed up with provable facts. 

Patty Driskill


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