LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Standing up for law enforcement

To the editor: 

We’ve been taking the public safety of our communities for granted over the past year. Here in Louisa, we’re fortunate that when we dial 911, our law enforcement will respond to the call, ready and willing to assist anyone in their community. That’s why it’s so sickening to me to see how quickly the radical left’s calls to defund the police have spread throughout Virginia and our nation.

Because of the actions of a few bad apples, our law enforcement community has been targeted by radicalized groups threatening and attacking our police officers. These are fathers and mothers who put on their uniform every day with the understanding that they may not return home at the end of their shift. It’s heartbreaking every time you hear about a police officer who was murdered while going through a routine traffic stop, or simply sitting in their vehicle.

Fortunately, Delegate John McGuire understands what it means to stand up for law enforcement. While local school boards attempt to remove resource officers from our schools, John introduced legislation to place a police officer in every public school in Virginia. I don’t know about you, but public safety in our schools should be of the utmost importance. Having a resource officer in every school would provide a great learning environment for students to understand the duties and responsibilities of our law enforcement as well as an extra barrier of security for children.

You may also have heard McGuire’s radical left opponents spread lies about his voting record when it comes to providing law enforcement with bonuses. I’ll clear that up for everyone as well. What his opponents all purposefully leave out is that Democrats in Richmond supported an insufficient amount for the bonuses, and even left out several other offices of law enforcement from receiving a bonus altogether! McGuire wanted to increase all bonuses from the Democrats’ plan and ensure every single member of law enforcement from sheriffs to prison guards received $5,000 bonuses for all their hard work.

It’s disrespectful and disheartening to hear opponents of McGuire question his willingness to support law enforcement officers and his country when most of them have never even served their communities or nation.

Our public safety is at risk if the Democrats keep control of Virginia this November. That’s why we must re-elect John McGuire to the Virginia House of Delegates to ensure our law enforcement has a strong voice in Richmond. Please join me in voting for former Navy SEAL Delegate John McGuire during early voting or on Nov. 2!

Patricia Sifka

Town of Louisa

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