LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tithing is important for small churches

To the editor:

We all agree Covid has brought many new challenges into our lives, including being financially able to donate to favorite charities that need our help.

This has caused me to think back to past situations that affected church giving and tithing. Many small churches, like the one I attend, have members who are listed on the books but have not attended a service there for years. Despite that, it’s not unusual for non-participating members to quickly say, “Oh, I love my little church,” or “I will never move my membership because I’ve been a member there for years.”

I wonder how these members expect their beloved churches to continue operating and doing what churches are called to do without their support.

Many non-attending church members donate to other charities, which is good. But have they forgotten their church relies on members’ gifts in order to fulfill its mission in the community and the world? While many feel tithing is not required of them, the Bible directs us to tithe, maybe most clearly in Malachi 3:8: “Will anyone rob God? Yet you are robbing me! But you say, ‘How are we robbing you?’ In your tithes and offerings!”

Sitting here, trying to remove the log from my eye, I share this message: Wake up, people! We all still OWE God.

Many small rural churches are closing because of its members’ negligence or oversight. If there is one in your community that you don’t want to close, maybe it’s time to take action.

J. Robert Edwards

Member, Sharon Christian Church


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