LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We’ll pay later for all this spending

To the editor:

The recent infrastructure bill passed by Congress is one part of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” bill. Now they are going to pass another spending bill which reportedly changes the nature of our democratic republic.

Spending by the federal government has been excessive since the Clinton years. At that time the House speaker and the president were of different parties, so they compromised.

There is no compromise or cooperation in Congress today because one party has total control and they have been completely compromised by Socialists and maybe even Communists, in my view. You know that because of some of the provisions in the big spending bill that have leaked out. The bill was assembled in secret with no hearings, and who knows who put it together.

Polls indicate the public does not want a huge spending bill, but that doesn’t stop our representatives. They know what is best for us because we are too stupid to know!

They will also require us to pay for abortions, which almost everyone in America opposes. Who puts things like this in a spending bill? 

As a result, we will all pay higher taxes, have to deal with inflation caused by the new spending and continue to pay much higher energy costs so we can convert to green power.

The idea of solar energy is great but the way they are getting there, punishing the public, is not good. We also still have the problem of electrical storage which has not been solved. Without that, we can not kill fossil fuels. Some sort of compromise is needed but they forgot how to do that.

Washington D.C. seems to be void of logic.

The real sad part about these bills is that those supporting them will all be in the next world when the effects of their legislation become a financial burden for our grandchildren. The members say all the spending is paid for. That is wishful thinking and probably won’t happen, according to the Congressional Budget Office. I call it “kicking the can down the road.”

Jim Hogan


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