To the Editor: 

There is no more essential function of government than fire and emergency medical services. This is why it is important to fund our neighbors who tirelessly and selflessly work to keep us safe. As chairman of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors, Toni Williams has fought hard to provide the tools that are necessary for both volunteer and paid fire and emergency medical services personnel to protect and aid our community. 

In not even one full term on the board, Williams has voted to approve a 23 percent increase ($1,055,569) in fire/EMS funding. He ensured vital services to our growing county while also leading the effort to save Louisa taxpayers $85,000 on insurance premiums in 2018 by consolidating policies. 

Additionally, Supervisor Williams worked with all of the volunteer department chiefs to fully engage them in essential policy and funding decisions. He has worked to implement a 20-year replacement policy on essential apparatus and paid off $1 million in volunteer stations’ existing apparatus debt. Finally, he has supported funding to replace 22,000 feet of fire hose on a countywide basis, guaranteeing the best equipment for this most basic firefighting tool. 

Through one term on the board of supervisors, Williams has shown that he is a fierce advocate for our fire and emergency medical services and has ensured our first responders have the equipment, training and resources to safely protect our community. I advocate for Supervisor Toni Williams’ re-election to the board of supervisors in the Jackson district. 

Kristine Rachmel