To the Editor:


Experience, hard work and dedication. These are the three things that all Louisa County residents need to remember on Nov. 5 at the election polls. This county needs to support the candidate that will best serve our community and that person is Stacey Coleman Fletcher.

Stacey has worked for Louisa County in the office of the commissioner of the revenue for 24 years and was appointed to the position of commissioner in January 2019. She has the education, experience and know-how to run the office with efficiency and with the best interest to the citizens of Louisa.

The other two candidates that are running may be educated, but are not educated for the office of commissioner of the revenue. The education and training for this position is a very specific niche. How much would it affect or cost Louisa County for us to wait for another person to be as knowledgeable or efficient to successfully run the commissioner’s office? 

Stacey Fletcher is the only candidate that has the experience or education to continue leading Louisa County as commissioner of the revenue. Please join me in supporting her in this Nov. 5 election.

Robert Clarke Jr.