To the editor:

Well, our wish finally has been granted. The major storm that has shut down schools, businesses, groceries, restaurants and even churches has arrived.

Yet we don’t have to shovel or dig out our cars or hurt our backs. The coronavirus is not a hoax and it is mean.

We were hoping for a big snow day, but instead we have been given the gift of time. Yes, we are going to have to juggle how to get through this, but our wish was to have time.

So let’s look at the wish list: To spend more time with family, to turn off the TV and phones and play board games or do a puzzle, to rest, to do the honey do list, to read to your children, to stay in your PJ’s all day, to pray more, to have breakfast at home together, to sleep in past 6 a.m., to check in on someone you haven’t talked to due to a grudge, to play catch with the furry members, to do nothing, to read the Bible (even on the iPhone counts), to have dinner together at the table and no phones, to Facebook family and friends to check in on them, to spend time with your significant other and be blessed that they are with you, to create a family wish list for after the virus, and to pray more.

Now it is our responsibility to follow what the CDC says we need to do. If we are told to stay home it isn’t up to us to interpret what that means. So hunker down. Wash those hands please.  Prepare for a large yard sale and empty out those drawers, the garage, the attic and nooks and crannies. Then we could have a community yard sale.

My late mother used to say, “This Too Shall Pass.” And it will. God bless the one and only planet Earth. Oh, did I say to pray more?

Linda Kuykendall



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