To the Editor,

We had the honor to attend the Salute to America event that was held on the Fourth of July at the Lincoln Memorial. 

Wow what a tribute! It had a mixture of history, pride and feeling great about being an American! It gave us a civics lesson and helped us to remember that we all share an extraordinary heritage. 

In President Donald Trump’s speech, he said that we are one of the greatest stories ever told—the story of America. 

That same American spirit that emboldened our founders has kept us strong throughout history. To this day, that spirit runs through the veins of every American patriot. It lives on in each and every one of you. 

It was such a patriotic day, being surrounded by the monuments in our nation’s capital and the speech honoring amazing Americans and all branches of military. When the flyovers came down the reflecting pool with crowds cheering, I looked and knew I was not the only one who had tears in her eyes. 

Thank you President Trump for making this possible. I will never forget that day!

Susan Vandervliet