To the Editor:

Did the president of the United States knowingly and willfully, and with intent to defraud, obtain something of value from the Ukraine? And, can all the unemployed Democratic lawyers in the House and their staff prove it in the Senate? I don’t think so.

Many people don’t like the way the president does business. He has revolutionized the way communications are conducted at the White House. He has called out the press for their “fake news” stories and answered their questions personally rather than through press sources.

The president has also incurred the wrath of the Democrats by being successful. 

The Congressman from California who is conducting the impeachment inquiry has consistently lied about the facts in the Russian probe and from the floor of the House in this inquiry when he read a completely fake transcript of a telephone call made by the president.

It seems that the impeachment process is needed to cripple the president so he can’t win the election in 2020, whether he is convicted or not. It may work, but is that the way we want to run our country? I certainly hope not.

I don’t know anyone who approves of the president’s “bull in the china shop” approach to getting things done, but it works for all the people. 

Jim Hogan


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