To the Editor:

I am responding to the half-page ad by W. A. Dickinson in the Aug. 22 edition regarding the proposed retail space being contemplated at the intersection of Routes 522 and 208, on Mansfield Road. I believe one other reason for the ad is Dickinson’s Store will most likely take a huge economic hit if that site is developed as planned. 

As for what is being planned, I do agree it’s a big mistake to put something that large­—22 separate lots and businesses—in an already congested traffic area. I would ask the planning commission and board of supervisors to look at this project from the standpoint of what it’s going to mean to county residents who will have to live with its consequences. 

But then, it will most likely be approved because, if nothing else it will increase the county tax coffers. 

While I agree that some of the services being offered are sorely needed, I would urge the commission to deny the application for this particular site. It’s already an area that has seen its share of accidents and loss of life and will continue to do so, especially with the addition of a roundabout and, if approved, this development. There’s already two electronic signs on Route 522 warning drivers of the “congested area.” Think what this will do if approved! Don’t add more to an already dangerous situation. Look elsewhere like the Food Lion plaza at Kentucky Springs Road.

Frank Pincoski