To the Editor:

Anyone submitting a letter to The Central Virginian knows they risk suffering the local peanut gallery’s slings and arrows. Dan Braswell’s Jan. 16 response to my letter was incoherent Mad Dog.

His claim of “we’re a republic and not a democracy” unwittingly exposed a truth about conservatives, that they’ve always been devoted to protecting oligarchies of privilege, whether they are national, regional or local.

And they take great offense when exposed. Yet, a far greater insult is the way our local officials treat people. Even with a board divided between “aggressive fiscal conservatives” and sclerotic get-along-to-go-along’s, their attitudes about privilege are similar.

Like their recent efforts to persuade a nonprofit group to raise seed money for a Lake Anna rescue station, or through years of inaction forcing another group to raise money to get the ball rolling on covering the county pool. Whatever money either of these groups raises, it will be a pittance compared to the overall costs.

And that’s the point, give people the illusion they are “doing something,” while continuing to kick that problem down the road. While the rescue station is indeed a pressing need, it is, as several commentators pointed out at the Jan. 21 board meeting, “one of many needed throughout the county.”

I applaud the efforts of the board’s new chair and vice chair to put the county’s long-term fiscal planning on paper to assist them with “prioritizing the county’s needs with what they can afford.” But given the chair’s stated desire to “make sure we’re not caught in a bad situation,” I find the lack of urgency thus far on the James River pipeline puzzling, especially since planned development along the Route 250 corridor and much of the county’s projected economic growth hinges on a sustainable source of water.

With that in mind, now is a good time to ask your supervisor the following questions:

Do they accept the findings of AquaLaw’s report, and believe that the fresh oversight by GAI Consultants Inc. of the archeological dig is adequate?

Does the board intend to order an independent investigation of the Timmons Group’s role in advising the James River Water Authority and “expediting” the pipeline permit process and county officials’ actions while serving on the authority from 2015 to the present?

Will they make available to the public Timmons’ proposed alternative routes for the pipeline and pump station locations and their respective costs?

Is there a plan B for the Crossing Pointe development in Zion Crossroads other than the Green Springs wells? Is the board prepared to order an independent review and not depend on the developers’ “revised analysis”?

Finally, with the county poised to approve half-acre lots in developments around the lake, and increased density at the Cutalong development, will they conduct an impact study on corresponding increases in groundwater usage?

Jon Taylor


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