To the editor:

Any politician who is serious about being reelected should be able to answer this simple question: “What have you done for me lately?” So what has Congresswoman Spanberger done lately?

Ask Brad Mena. Contacting Spanberger made a world of difference for him. His autistic son’s Social Security payments were stopped, and the Social Security Administration demanded 18 months of repayment. Ms. Spanberger launched an investigation, which resulted in his benefits retroactively being reinstated.

If you’re a veteran who’s been waiting years for VA benefits, or a senior denied Social Security, and you live in the 7th district, you have a Congresswoman who will work diligently to help you secure those earned benefits. She believes that her constitutients deserve to be treated fairly by their government.

Constituents with questions, or seeking assistance should contact her Glen Allen office at (804) 401-4110, or

Unlike her predecessors, Congresswoman Spanberger’s “number one job” is to serve all of the people of the 7th Congressional District.

This November, be sure to reelect Abigail Spanberger as your Congresswoman.

Jon Taylor


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