To the Editor:

Michael Schoelwer, who chairs the Lancaster County Republican Committee, recently he is running for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Several supporters, including me, accompanied him as he filed his forms at the party headquarters in Richmond.

Schoelwer is running because he wants the party to start winning again. He noted that we must defend our God-given civil rights and protect the values of America, values that run from our Founding Fathers to us through Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan.  

To do this, the party must modernize and revitalize itself in order to re-elect President Trump and restore our majority in Virginia’s General Assembly. Per Schoelwer, the party leadership must renew its focus on supporting the work of its local units, the level at which the party wins elections. Louisa has a Republican Committee.

Mike served 26 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, with a final rank of lieutenant colonel. He was recruited to became an officer at the CIA. He is now retired. He has led in high-performing organizations that continuously needed to undergo significant transformations to remain relevant and effective. He looks forward to using his experience to benefit the Republican Party.

Schoelwer says the party must stand up to current assaults on our Second Amendment rights by Virginia’s current Democratic administration. He has no doubt that this is only the first round in their assault on our God-given rights; next will be their attempts to define “acceptable” speech, limit our religious liberties, gut the Electoral College and re-define the right to life. Schoelwer observed that the fight is already underway and the party needs to be heard again, immediately. The only way to do that is for the party to re-connect with its voters and start winning elections again.

I urge you to become a delegate to the Republican State Convention on May 1-2 and to vote for Michael Schoelwer—all registered voters are eligible. Contact the Louisa County Republican Committee chairman at (540) 748-3471 soon.

Fred Gruber


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