To the Editor:

Elections always bring change. An obvious statement, but a reminder that there is only change, it’s the only true constant on earth. There will be changes come January in several local government positions, and on the board of supervisors. In Richmond, there will be a new House and Senate in the Virginia General Assembly, the oldest elected body in this great country. And, the really great thing about this country is that we the people get to vote next week to decide on those changes.

While all elections bring change, this one seems to be more about no change needed, everything is fine, versus there are lots of issues we need to deal with and change.

For those of you planning to vote to maintain the status quo, no changes needed, I have some questions. 

Are you happy with the costs and options in your current health care set-up? Do you think prescription drug prices are just fine? 

Do you agree that women should be paid less than men? Do you really think men should have a greater say in women’s health care than women? 

Are you pleased with the internet service in our rural county? 

Do you agree it was fiscally responsible to spend $40 million to build a (still dry) water line and now millions more in land speculation at Shannon Hill? 

Do you really not believe scientists when it comes to climate change, yet get your TV signal and car’s GPS directions from satellites scientists put into space? Do you believe there is such a thing as clean coal? 

Do you think the men in power in Louisa, Richmond and D.C. are working for or listening to you? If you answered yes to any of those questions there are incumbents, with little to show from their time in office, no desire to change, no real plan to change, mostly men, counting on your vote.

For the rest of you, and I think you/we are in the majority; are you ready to vote for actual change and then work together to solve the multitude of problems and issues we all face? 

Yes, the problems we all face and that we have all played a role in creating. 

The men “in charge” seem fine with the status quo. There are, however, several women (and men) currently running for office that have stepped up because they are tired of the status quo, see the need to work together and have reasonable plans to address the issues that face us all. These are local, state, national and worldwide issues that need to be dealt with now, tomorrow and longer-term so your grandkid’s grandkids have a bright future.

Change is coming, every day, like it or not. Be sure to get out and vote next week! Then let’s work toward some practical solutions to the multitude of issues that affect us all.

Randy Holladay