To the Editor:

As we approach the end of our first full week of school, I am blessed to reflect upon the awesome teachers, staff and county leaders that make Louisa County Public Schools a continuing success of which our citizens are so proud!

The staff put in the hard work year-round planning, implementing and teaching students. Credit also goes to our board of supervisors for putting them in the position to succeed. 

As chairman of the supervisors, Toni Williams has made improving our public schools a priority. His work on the finance committee led to teachers’ rising health care costs being covered by the county and their receiving a pay increase. 

Since Toni has been on the board, a sheriff’s deputy has been placed in every school as a resource officer to ensure the safety of our children.

Finally, Toni has led the charge on upgrading school infrastructure, specifically at Jouett Elementary, by planning and voting to approve an addition to the school. This will do away with the need for classrooms in trailers. 

Toni has also worked to strengthen the internet connectivity of our county through the installation of 31 miles of fiber optic lines that now connect all six of our schools!  

Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer with Toni on several mission projects in the Jackson District, which demonstrates his concern for the welfare of others. He and his family are always willing to lend a hand and help a neighbor. I encourage the voters of the Jackson District to join me in voting for a man who has integrity, honesty, and is a great moral character. Vote Toni Williams for Jackson District supervisor on November 5! 


Jennifer Byers