To the Editor:


Election Day is approaching and will be here before you know it. The commercials, mailers and door knockers will fade away until another calendar turns. However, the implications from the votes we cast on Nov. 5 will impact us for up to four years, depending on the office sought.

Every position up for election is crucial to good governance, but a government closest to home is the government that has the ability to impact us the most. This position for Jackson district residents is the supervisor seat on the board of supervisors for Louisa County.

Through Supervisor Toni Williams’ four years on the board, he has shown what good governance looks like. Williams has voted to increase funding for our fire and emergency services by 23 percent (over a million dollars). He has voted to raise wages and benefits for our teachers as well as fund the Jouett School addition so that trailers will not be necessary for the students.

Williams has also led on bringing reliable high-speed internet to the county by connecting all of our schools with 31 miles of fiber-optic internet and working with public-private partnerships such as Central Virginia and Rappahannock electric cooperatives to bring internet directly to citizens’ homes. This forward-thinking vision for internet has already led to 1,300 direct fiber hookups in Louisa County. With Rappahannock Electric laying an 800-mile fiber backbone to all of their substations, there is ample opportunity for continued expansion.

All of these accomplishments are magnified by the fact that Toni Williams hasn’t voted to raise the tax rate, has eliminated all county debt that was available to be eliminated and strives to have the county run like a business without wasteful spending.

This election, the choice is clear. Please join me in voting for the only proven choice for supervisor for the Jackson district and vote to re-elect Supervisor R. T. “Toni” Williams Jr. 

Tammy Deverell