To the Editor:

From which lofty ivory tower does Mr. [David] Black believe that all of his comments about religion are true? (Religion column in the Jan. 9 edition of the CV)

He says that anyone who disagrees with him must not have the foggiest idea about scientific matters, and uses trendy names to talk about the Genesis story.

Mr. Black’s statements about fundamentalists being those who believe in the young earth is incredibly pompous. He claims to know what all fanatics are teaching from the pulpit and how all seminaries with which he disagrees are maligning scholarly seekers of truth.  His criticism is absurd. Does he have absolute knowledge about the universe’s genesis? Was Mr. Black in attendance? With several verses in God’s Word declaring that nothing is impossible to God, why is Black’s attack on those who by faith believe in a young earth so condescending?   

For me, a past and current reader of a multitude of scientific books, my faith does not say not to read. The more I research, the more I recognize the magnificence, unfathomable complexity and vastness of the marvelous universe as well as the intricate detail of the cell. This does not take me further from a God for whom nothing is too hard for Him to accomplish. Every time I study the earth, the solar system, the universe, I find the fingerprint of God and not a cosmic exploding universe that ignores scientific laws and is accepted as fact.

Regardless of my belief in a young or old earth, I am not “a threat to true religion and an offense against God.” By what authority does Black’s righteous judgmental pen and mental capacity give him the ability to disparage all preachers who are not as informed as he claims to be?

To criticize a “mainline seminary or a truly accredited Bible college” that does not teach certain subjects is hypocrisy. Neither do accredited universities require history, science or psychology. It is called a major and a four-year degree neither gives students time nor requires those who graduate to be well-versed in every area. The higher the degree, the more and more one knows about less and less.

Modern science declares that Creation is a myth and evolution is a fact. For me as a Bible-believing fundamentalist, there is far more factual evidence that God created the universe and all things in it than there is for the faith needed to believe that we evolved from the mire and the muck.

Why do I take such a definitive attitude? Because I too read scholarly scientific volumes from men and women who believe in a Creator God.

Travis Witt, Pastor

Gilboa Christian Church


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