To the editor:

Socialism is a bright shining lie. It promises much but delivers hardship, misery and poverty.

Remember Communist Russia’s official name was “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” Remember also that the Nazi Party’s official name was “National Socialist German Workers Party.” Note the word Socialist in both of those human catastrophes.

Socialism is the centralized control of a society’s means of production through stifling regulations. Communism is the centralized control of a society’s means of production by outright ownership. There is only a small distinction between the two. Centralized in both cases means concentration of political and economic control in a central government.  

To ensure the success of socialism (which never happens) it must continually expand its control. The control process begins with health care, energy production and education but never stops there. It then leads to material confiscation of property, corporations or even personal wealth. Large portions of a nation’s economic structure are seized under some pretext such as societal benefit. Socialists/communists will attack any and all that oppose their programs including people, press, organizations and even religions. Ultimately socialism/communism can only be maintained by the barrel of a gun and ultimately mass murder.  

Socialism/communism requires your submission to central planning and control. It is the exact opposite of freedom and liberty. The central planners arrogantly presume to know what is best for all and will pursue their goals by any means necesssary. We battled that concept for years when it simply called itself Communism. Lenin, the founder of Russian Communism, used the terms socialism and communism as interchangeable synonyms. The death toll from these regimes is estimated to be over 100 million for China, Russia, Cambodia and North Korea. Communism is now hiding under the enticing  banner of socialism.

The words ‘Democratic Socialism’ are a contradiction. If it is democratic, it is not socialism. If it is socialism, it is not democratic. The two cannot coexist. Socialism  will always work to centralize and increase its power and control at the expense of individual freedoms. It confiscates what it wants, by force when necessary. It will aggressively work to expand its power until democracy is ulimately destroyed. Witness Venezuela.


There are no true socialist countries in Europe. All allow capitalist economic freedoms but have large welfare systems. Many are now moving away from those bankrupting programs as they are unsustainable. East Germany, once a socialist workers’ paradise, abandoned socialism to unite with capitalist West Germany to make modern Germany. Once successful, Venezuela has been destroyed by socialism. And so have other nations. But American socialists know better than their predecessors. They maintain they can make it work here in the United States. But they can’t. Socialism is a failed system and will always be a path to economic failure and national ruin.  

Capitalism has provided more wealth, security and freedom than any other economic system in the history of the world. As a system it is in direct opposition to socialism. Capitalism means economic freedom and it cannot be separated from democratic freedom. Capitalism is the freedom to create and build; socialism is slavery that destroys and subjugates. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing and know:

Socialism is a bright shining lie.

Richard G. McCarty


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